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Frequent Questions


What is StormStock?

Founded in 1993, StormStock is one of the oldest stock footage brands in the world. The collection features all kinds of weather including hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, stormy skies, blizzards and ominous seas captured on premium formats including HD, Super 35mm and Cine 4K video.

Who uses StormStock?

Media professionals worldwide license StormStock material for use in their projects.

How does StormStock work?

Our clients search for preview clips at, or contact us for a custom assembled batch of previews. After reviewing preview clips, clients then download full resolution masters from the website, or order them directly from our team. They pay a license fee to incorporate the material into a project. License fees vary depending on use, territory and term.

What if I can't find what I need at

That's easy!  Just give us your shot "wish list". We'll gather and send you a batch of preview clips to match your needs.

What format are the master clips?

All of our masters are provided in industry standard formats: QuickTime (.mov) or MP4. The majority utilize the Apple ProRes codec. To play ProRes clips, you will need the codec installed on your computer. Most professional editing software apps, like Final Cut Pro, will play, edit and transcode ProRes. Please contact us if you need help.